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REBLOG: THE NEW REPUBLIC : Gee Whiz Mitt Romney is Bad

link: John McWhorter: Gosh, Golly, Gee | The New Republic

Gosh, Golly, Gee

Mitt Romney’s verbal stylings.

Icarus P. Anybody On George Bush and Taylor Swift: It's A Small World After All…

In an interview in which he describes his DUI arrest, the decision to go to war in Iraq and other key moments of his life, George Bush says that the “worst moment of his Presidency” was when a rap star who 60% of Americans wouldn’t recognize if they saw on the street said he “didn’t like black people”.

link: Icarus P. Anybody: It’s A Small World After All….

October Surprise 1980 -The Day Reagan Took Hostages

“Late in the day on October 21, 1980 the first bits of news trickled in that Iran was considering a release. As the day of the 22nd wore on so did the optimism…the delay until after the election was geared to give the Reagan campaign a boost.”

link:  The October Surprise Of 1980 | Newstalgia

When Nixon Dated Gleason It Was Moon Pies and Alien Corpses

President Nixon indulged Jackie Gleason’s obsession with the paranormal by showing him the bodies of recovered aliens hidden in a US Air Force base.

link: Jackie Gleason says Nixon showed him ETs |