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Helpful list of all the alien bodies


22 JULY 1947            ROSWELL NEW MEXICO      4 BODIES
13 FEB 1948             AZTEC NEW MEXICO        12 BODIES
7 JUL 1948              MEXICO So.of LAREDO TX  1 BODY
1952                    SPITZBERGEN NORWAY      2 BODIES
14 AUG 1952             ELY NEVADA              16 BODIES
18 APR 1953             S.W. ARIZONA            NO BODIES
20 MAY 1953             KINGMAN ARIZONA         1 BODY
19 JUN 1953             LAREDO TEXAS            4 BODIES
10 JUL 1953             JOHoFNISBURG S.AFRICA   5 BODIES
13 OCT 1953             DUTTON MONTANA          4 BODIES
5 MAY 1955              BRIGHTON ENGLAND        4 BODIES
18 JUL 1957             CARLSBAD NEW MEXICO     4 BODIES
10 NOV 1964             Ft.RILEY KANSAS         9 BODIES
27 OCT 1966             N.W. ARIZONA            1 BODY
1966-1968       5 CRASHES IN/KY/OH AREA         3 BODIES
                 (ONE UFO INTACT REMOVED)
18 JUL 1972             MORROCO SAHARA DESERT   3 BODIES
10 JUL 1973             NW ARIZONA              5 BODIES
12 MAY 1976             AUSTRALIAN DESERT       4 BODIES
22 JUN 1977             NW ARIZONA              5 BODIES
5 APR 1977              SW OHIO                 11 BODIES
MAY 1978                BOLIVIA                 NO BODIES
NOV  1988               AFGHANISTAN             7 BODIES
MAY 1989                SOUTH AFRICA            2 ET LIVING
JUNE 1989               UFO & 2 ET TRANSPORTED IN 2 GALAXY
JULY 1989               SIBERIA                 9 ET LIVING

This should provide a wealth of autopsy 
evidence on ET body structure and workings 
when accumulated in any one place.
ETs coming from UFOs have strange properties, 
DATA) by Leonard H. Stringfield is  published   
by  MUTUAL   UFO NETWORK  INC.,103  Oldtowne Road, 
Sequin Texas 78155. It has   aJanuary  1980 copyright 
date. The report interviews several med-
ical  doctors  who did  autopsies on ET  bodies 
from UFO   crash sites.  ET  had large heads and 
were around 4 ft tall. They havesmall  noses and  
mouths with no ears or hair. The ET photo that
I have  was taken  by an  ET and has an eye 
diameter of an inch. He  has his left  hand  raised  
in  a salute. That hand   has  4 fingers  on it with one  
finger twice as long  as either outsidefinger. The photo 
was taken at a range  of  3  ft from the waistup.  
Brain capacity is 1800 cc  versus 1300  cc for the  average
human. The  skin  is  grey  or  ashen  and under  the microscope
appears  meshlike.  This  meshlike  appearance   
gives  it   thereptilian texture  of granular  skinned  
lizards like iguana  orchameleon. There  was a colorless 
liguid in the body without redcells, no  lymphocytes, 
no  hemoglobin.  There was no  digestive
system,  intestinal, alimentary  canal, or rectal 
area in the ET autopsy.

---  .
Titan|um Knight
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Liar, Liar

The Last Exorcism (2010, d. Daniel Stamm)

Most faux documentaries are phonies.  I don’t mean to state the obvious.  I mean to say that a sub-genre of horror films (and an innovation in internet marketing) was started in 1999 with the Blair Witch Project.  Blair was the first, to my knowledge, to incorporate elements of cinema vérité, reality television, and teen-oriented horror into a truly different kind of scary movie.  It spawned many off-spring most of which are either Blair knock offs – The Last Horror Movie, June 9 – or routine horror narratives wearing a hand-held camera for post-modern disguise – Cloverfield, Rec, The Fourth Kind. What was neat about Blair, and what I like about The Last Exorcism is that the phony documentary conceit isn’t just a different way of telling a story, it’s that the making of a supposed documentary and the fictional filmmakers themselves are the story.  The Last Exorcism doesn’t exhibit the, now overdone, “true story” or “found footage” artifice.  There’re all fake.  We know that.  In this one the hand-held camera, in real time, is our voyeuristic guide into a very weird mystery.  We also identify with the documentary filmmaker characters themselves who get over their heads in dilemmas of ethics and personal responsibility, and in attempting to determine what is real.

Cotton is an evangelical preacher who has had a crisis of religious doubt. He is now an admitted huckster in his longtime use of magic tricks, con-artistry and performance, particularly in the stagecraft of demonic exorcism.  Cotton is getting out of the phony exorcism business and brings in a video crew to document his last exorcism; his last production.  Cotton and crew stumble into helping a rural Louisiana family, whose teenage daughter has been slaughtering livestock while purportedly in the trance of a demonic possession.  Cotton attempts to sell an effective exorcism but circumstances reveal the girl and her family have very complicated psychological and inter-personal problems.  The documentary from this point explores a numbers of mysteries:  Is the girl’s so-called possession in actuality the product of abuse or mental illness?  Are members of her family and people from the local town representing themselves truthfully?  Most important, is she really possessed by a demon or is the video crew capturing her performance; her lie?  The layers of mystery within the confines of the story are as thick as a Bayou swamp.  And don’t forget the film’s mediated interaction with us, the audience.  It’s only pretending to be a documentary.  This is a lie horror fans have apparently now come to accept without other truthy marketing gimmicks, as would the audience of a musical or professional wrestling.

An interesting thing about The Last Exorcism in its unrehearsed documentary abstraction,  it’s also an excellent piece of screen writing.  The plot and the dialogue have a very sophisticated way of keeping you wondering what in Hell is going on, trust me.  That being said, I don’t want to say too much.  I’m docking the movie half a point on my scale for its ending.  I think the story leads its characters into a very difficult moral trap.  That’s the challenge of good drama and I have to say that the last two minutes feels tacked on and, well, artificial.  I’ll be positive and call it the shocking last twist.  I’m putting The Last Exorcism on my list as qualifying for the top 10 movies of the year.  Can you believe that?