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BSD Movie Log: I Bury The Living

I Bury The Living (1958, d. Albert Band)

A businessman is obliged to serve a rotation as administrator of a company owned cemetery.  While on site he finds a wall-sized map of the reserved grave plots.  He also discovers, to his consternation, that inserting a ball-head pin in a plot will cause the intended plot owner to die mysteriously.  Is it coincidence?  Is someone playing an evil trick on him?  Or is there some paranormal phenomena orrcuring?

I Bury The Living is a fun, creepy idea, although the concept doesn’t necessarily call for a feature length movie.  It’s sort like of a good Twilight Zone episode stretched out to 70 minutes.

LA Quake Prediction: Are Giant Butterfly Sightings Mothman-Like Precursors?

“All the indicators are there: Mothman-like sightings, UFO encounters, swarms of Gulf of California quakes, animal attacks, pet disappearances, and moody people… We certainly know from research that changes in animal behavior and the appearance of earthquake lights are predictors of earthquakes.”


Picture of the real Mothra. Also pictured: Godzilla (background)


link: Cryptomundo » LA Quake Prediction: Are Giant Butterfly Sightings Mothman-Like Precursors?.

Seven More Things That Should Not Be So Orange : The New Yorker

The toxic, alkaline sludge in Hungary reached the Danube River today.  The New World had its own jarringly orange waters this summer with the BP oil spill. Here are seven more things that should not be so orange.

link: News Desk: Seven More Things That Should Not Be So Orange : The New Yorker.