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RFBrown on Full Cast And Crew Pcast: Talkin’ TAXI

my liberal arts degree and expert research skills are paying off for you classic TV nostalgiods b/c Im a guest of the @FullCastAndCrew podcast discussing the classic TV sitcom Taxi. we cover the actors, the characters, the theme music, what about the unique production makes the show timeless, and how much time it takes for Tony Danza to drive across the Queensborough Bridge.

link to the episode or via my website 

see you on the avenues, Reig-ah! 

Talking WKRP Radio- RFBrown Guests On Full Cast and Crew Podcast

Which character was the real star of the ensemble classic sitcom WKRP In Cincinnati? You might find out by tuning in to hear Your’s Truly returning as a guest to the podcast Full Cast and Crew. This episode host Jason Cilo and I cover which Silver Sow Award winning character’s made the show work and which don’t work anymore, i.e. is sexual harassment in the workplace still hilarious? The episode was 50,000 watts of fun to research and record. See you in Cincinnati, bay-bays!


RFBrown, returns to guest on podcast Full Cast and Crew. Episode: The Warriors

[gravelly action-movie trailer voice] The Warriors, 1979. The Wanderers, 1979. Two rival films. The gangs. The Bronx. Title assonance. It happened here! How? I don’t know. But, I talk a lot about it (in gravely voice) as a guest on the podcast Full Cast and Crew.