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REBLOG: THE NEW REPUBLIC : Gee Whiz Mitt Romney is Bad

link: John McWhorter: Gosh, Golly, Gee | The New Republic

Gosh, Golly, Gee

Mitt Romney’s verbal stylings.

FBI Investigated Sabotage Threat In Plane Crash That Killed Senator Paul Wellstone

What’s with all the redacted pages over a small plane crash blamed on pilot error in 2002?

link- Revealed: FBI investigated claim that group threatened de-icing equipment when probing crash that killed Senator Wellstone | Raw Story.

October Surprise 1980 -The Day Reagan Took Hostages

“Late in the day on October 21, 1980 the first bits of news trickled in that Iran was considering a release. As the day of the 22nd wore on so did the optimism…the delay until after the election was geared to give the Reagan campaign a boost.”

link:  The October Surprise Of 1980 | Newstalgia