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Proof Of Time Travel: Cell User Calls The Future

Earlier this month this video started circulating of a woman appearing to have been captured talking on a cell phone in 1928.  The footage came from the opening of a Charlie Caplin movie at Mann’s Chinese Theater, and it’s pretty weird.

Now, the Cristian Science Monitor has published an article saying that the cell phone claim has been debunked.  According to their experts, the woman is using 19th century era hearing device called an Ear Trumpet.


eTrumpet or iPhone?


But go back and watch the slow motion analysis again.  I’m still not so certain it’s a hearing air.  It’s reasonable to think that the woman is listening for something.  But who is she talking too?

FBI Investigated Sabotage Threat In Plane Crash That Killed Senator Paul Wellstone

What’s with all the redacted pages over a small plane crash blamed on pilot error in 2002?

link- Revealed: FBI investigated claim that group threatened de-icing equipment when probing crash that killed Senator Wellstone | Raw Story.

BSD Movie Log: Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary’s Baby (1968, d. Roman Polanski)

A young couple moves into a new apartment and find themselves overwhelmed by peculiar neighbors and unsettling coincidences. When the wife becomes pregnant, she also becomes paranoid that the neighbors are witches and that the coincidences are parts of a plot to kidnap her unborn child for use in Satanic rituals.

Considered by many to be a horror classic, and even a cinema classic, I like the movie but find it disappointing on two levels.  The first is a fault in the construction of the film in that it seems to have no middle part.  It’s more than 2 hours of anxious build-up with a rather silly payoff in the last few minutes.  The second disappointment I suspect stems from being sui generous and controversial in its time.  But it’s been imitated so much that now that it comes off as trite.  I suspect people at the time of the movie’s release found it an indicting treatment of the upper-middle class and bourgeois professionals.  It just doesn’t seem shocking now.

Re-rumoring "Paul Is Dead" Rumors

Dead, Not Dead?  A blog post from Robert Fontenot.

link: Paul is Dead — Frequently Asked Questions about the Paul McCartney death hoax.

October Surprise 1980 -The Day Reagan Took Hostages

“Late in the day on October 21, 1980 the first bits of news trickled in that Iran was considering a release. As the day of the 22nd wore on so did the optimism…the delay until after the election was geared to give the Reagan campaign a boost.”

link:  The October Surprise Of 1980 | Newstalgia

When Nixon Dated Gleason It Was Moon Pies and Alien Corpses

President Nixon indulged Jackie Gleason’s obsession with the paranormal by showing him the bodies of recovered aliens hidden in a US Air Force base.

link: Jackie Gleason says Nixon showed him ETs |

Secrets Beneath the Denver Airport

What the government built under the Denver International Airport and why they don’t want you to know about it.

Is it just coincidence that the DIA runways are built in the shape of a Nazi swastika?

Denver Airport Underground base and weird murals.

Helpful list of all the alien bodies


22 JULY 1947            ROSWELL NEW MEXICO      4 BODIES
13 FEB 1948             AZTEC NEW MEXICO        12 BODIES
7 JUL 1948              MEXICO So.of LAREDO TX  1 BODY
1952                    SPITZBERGEN NORWAY      2 BODIES
14 AUG 1952             ELY NEVADA              16 BODIES
18 APR 1953             S.W. ARIZONA            NO BODIES
20 MAY 1953             KINGMAN ARIZONA         1 BODY
19 JUN 1953             LAREDO TEXAS            4 BODIES
10 JUL 1953             JOHoFNISBURG S.AFRICA   5 BODIES
13 OCT 1953             DUTTON MONTANA          4 BODIES
5 MAY 1955              BRIGHTON ENGLAND        4 BODIES
18 JUL 1957             CARLSBAD NEW MEXICO     4 BODIES
10 NOV 1964             Ft.RILEY KANSAS         9 BODIES
27 OCT 1966             N.W. ARIZONA            1 BODY
1966-1968       5 CRASHES IN/KY/OH AREA         3 BODIES
                 (ONE UFO INTACT REMOVED)
18 JUL 1972             MORROCO SAHARA DESERT   3 BODIES
10 JUL 1973             NW ARIZONA              5 BODIES
12 MAY 1976             AUSTRALIAN DESERT       4 BODIES
22 JUN 1977             NW ARIZONA              5 BODIES
5 APR 1977              SW OHIO                 11 BODIES
MAY 1978                BOLIVIA                 NO BODIES
NOV  1988               AFGHANISTAN             7 BODIES
MAY 1989                SOUTH AFRICA            2 ET LIVING
JUNE 1989               UFO & 2 ET TRANSPORTED IN 2 GALAXY
JULY 1989               SIBERIA                 9 ET LIVING

This should provide a wealth of autopsy 
evidence on ET body structure and workings 
when accumulated in any one place.
ETs coming from UFOs have strange properties, 
DATA) by Leonard H. Stringfield is  published   
by  MUTUAL   UFO NETWORK  INC.,103  Oldtowne Road, 
Sequin Texas 78155. It has   aJanuary  1980 copyright 
date. The report interviews several med-
ical  doctors  who did  autopsies on ET  bodies 
from UFO   crash sites.  ET  had large heads and 
were around 4 ft tall. They havesmall  noses and  
mouths with no ears or hair. The ET photo that
I have  was taken  by an  ET and has an eye 
diameter of an inch. He  has his left  hand  raised  
in  a salute. That hand   has  4 fingers  on it with one  
finger twice as long  as either outsidefinger. The photo 
was taken at a range  of  3  ft from the waistup.  
Brain capacity is 1800 cc  versus 1300  cc for the  average
human. The  skin  is  grey  or  ashen  and under  the microscope
appears  meshlike.  This  meshlike  appearance   
gives  it   thereptilian texture  of granular  skinned  
lizards like iguana  orchameleon. There  was a colorless 
liguid in the body without redcells, no  lymphocytes, 
no  hemoglobin.  There was no  digestive
system,  intestinal, alimentary  canal, or rectal 
area in the ET autopsy.

---  .
Titan|um Knight
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