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When Nixon Dated Gleason It Was Moon Pies and Alien Corpses

President Nixon indulged Jackie Gleason’s obsession with the paranormal by showing him the bodies of recovered aliens hidden in a US Air Force base.

link: Jackie Gleason says Nixon showed him ETs |

UFO near Queensboro Bridge, NYC (video) 10/10/2010

This UFO over New York could be anything but I have to admit its kinda freaky.  The video starts out bad.  But just wait for it.

link:  UFOs- Lights In The Texas Sky: UFO near Queensboro Bridge, NYC captured on video- 10/10/2010.

Alien Planet Looks 'just right' For Life

Astronomers say they’ve found the first planet beyond our solar system that could have the right size and setting to sustain life as we know it.  Includes video.

link:  Cosmic Log – Alien planet looks \’just right\’ for life.

Secrets Beneath the Denver Airport

What the government built under the Denver International Airport and why they don’t want you to know about it.

Is it just coincidence that the DIA runways are built in the shape of a Nazi swastika?

Denver Airport Underground base and weird murals.