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my notes on: Little Book of Golf Slang by Randy Voorhees. Words to help you pass as a Golfer.

I am always looking for reference material related to slang and jargons. For my current novel I needed to feed a character with some golf speak and this little book is what they had in the stacks of my Public Library, for some reason. There is no cross referencing or etymology or terminology that will help you learn about the game. It’s not a dictionary of golf, it’s a novelty book. It might help people pass time in the lobby of the dentist office or make a good gift for the fourth night of Chanukah. I found some interesting entries on betting games I never heard like “Nassau” and “Wolf.” But entries like “A-Game”, “that dog will hunt”, “ugly”, and “the zone” are pretty widespread words in other sports and American English that are not going to strike you as golfy. For writers and researchers there is nothing in this short book you can’t find in amateur glossaries on the internet. I surely don’t play golf but I also don’t recommend hitting the ball twice and telling the golf boys you hit a “double Chen because you were leaking oil.” I suspect using this slang as a tool to improve your social credibility with other players, as the subtitle suggests, will mostly help you sound like as ass.

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