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I’m both bothered and thrilled that someone did all this research on nostalgic breakfast cereals.

cerealBreakfast, the most important meal of the day. Or so you’ve been told. I grew up in what I christen the golden age of breakfast cereal, with a large variety of sugar laced options to choose from. And choose I did. I was a fan of many cereals, and I guess I should be thankful for parents who didn’t limit my options. Any mixture of sugar, grain, and corn was fair game and the more marshmallows the better! Just as long as it tasted good (or sometimes even if it didn’t).
But as the lesson goes, all good things must come to an end. As time passed, products fell by the wayside to make room for the latest products and their sugar-blasted flavors and snazzy box art. Maybe some cereals got lost in the shuffle as their assembly lines drawn to close. But that doesn’t mean those cereals are forgotten. Our memories are still fond, at least as fond as they can be while on a sugar high and waxing nostalgic.
cereal_killers_by_monsterfinkWe pay tribute to these sweet breakfast addictions and their psychedelic ad campaigns. In my research I did find some good news, however. Fans of Kaboom!King Vitaman, and Quisp will be happy to know these favorites still survive, and can easily be purchased online. Even a relatively new favorite like Rice Krispie Treats cereal is still around. But for every success, many failed to receive their stay of execution. And it’s for those we can only hope one day they are resurrected. Until then we only can hope, remember, and curse the cereal killers.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are simply too many cereals out there. We even had to break this post into multiple pages. But these are some of the biggest highlights. Let us know which ones you individually miss. An

d remember, an estimated 58 percent of “children’s” cereals are consumed by the over-18 crowd.


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