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Blood and Lace (1971, d. Philip S. Gilbert)

Ellie, a teen girl, who witnessed the violent murder of her prostitute mother, is sent to an orphanage run by a mentally unstable woman.    The girl uncovers a secret that the sadistic woman is murdering the children and storing the dead bodies in the basement freezer, as to continue collecting a local county subsidy.   Ellie must protect herself from becoming the next victim at the orphanage as well as hide from her mother’s hammer-wielding killer.

It might be acceptable if Blood and Lace weren’t all that scary or gory, but it also isn’t even camp.  It’s just a dumb idea, poorly administered.   It might have been more effective to find actors to play the callow, terrified orphans who didn’t all look age 35.  Even jail-bait perverts will be disappointed.  The movie does feature the late Vic Tayback, although the material he’s given is pretty dull.

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