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Gauguin:  The Loss of Virginity

Gauguin: The Loss of Virginity

Good morning, Universe.   What’s happening, Passage-Of-Time?   Look at me,  Anybody!  What does one write on their first blog entry and exactly to whom is one writing?  This is a blog on media.  I borrow from a movie, J.F.K., “Why?  Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?”   It does demonstrate an extraordinary level of vanity or even a personality disorder to awaken and announce, mostly to one’s self that it’s high time to start constructing and publishing a column of unsolicited observations and reports for an audience of zero.  So, what’s it all about, Alfie?  This blog will mostly be a creative valve for my thoughts on movies, music and other media.  I intend to be highly political, so I’ve created a category for general commentary, but I am most interested in politics as culture and visa versa  and the communication platform itself, whether it’s Tweets or handbills on a telephone pole. 

At first I thought it raw genius to call my blog the sui generis title “Encyclopedia Neurotica”.  Upon further reflection, I discovered the name was at once both unspecific and too specific, and via a quick Google search, well employed.  My good friend Michael Clarke suggested the name “Brown Shoe Diaries”, an extraction from the cable television softcore porn anthology series “Red Shoe Diaries.”  I didn’t take Mr. Clarke’s suggestion as a request for documentation of my browsings on softcore porn, but really a collage of my last name, the act of blogging, and an old joke which will probably never be funny to anyone but me and Mr. Clarke.  Yes, if there is a quantum of readership demand for me to post softcore porn, I’ll look in to it.

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  1. holy crap, you did it…congrats. i look forward to reading your pity commentary on mostly uninteresting subjects. any chance you can post reviews on new advances in public restroom technologies as well as etiquette?

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